Our Story

Created inside the corporate walls of BGC. We are bankers dreaming to shift our gears to another direction triggered by a weekly office event called Free Beer Friday. A collision of business ideas and alcohol intoxication turned our #insanelydrunk schemes into sober reality.

About Us

Free Beer Friday is a brand that caters to modern gents who know how to carry style but differentiated with how they perceive the concept of taste. Our design is an algorithm of style senses. Incorporating street to classic ensuring versatility to hit all ages and style preferences.

Our main objective is to give our customers the chance to carry a masterpiece with a stamp of our superb local craftsmanship. Passion for elegance is our guidance in creating every piece of our merchandise but we play with our designs most of the time. Shaping all details to align with our commitment to live up to your expectation on how every product should be executed.

Our brand wears our names while we sling the pride with our assurance of quality.

One thing is for sure, we will raise style awareness as we rock the bag scene of MNL. Wear us and we will surely take you somewhere!